What is the Virtual CEO Life?

The Virtual CEO Life is the future of entrepreneurship and business. The world is becoming more and more virtual by the day.
New age entrepreneurs have arrived to the wise conclusion that time and mobility is the currency of the rich. People no longer dream of becoming rich but would rather be free and mobile.Read more.

Who is Emily

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Who is the Virtual CEO?

The Virtual CEO experience is the ultimate mobility experience. “I literally run my entire company from my smart phone.” I work and live in the Cloud; through the power of Virtual Assistants and automatizations you can transform your life and business.

Who is Emily

Where is the Virtual CEO?

The Virtual CEO is everywhere; an experience for true citizens of the world. His company and Virtual Team are totally mobile and in the cloud with him at all times through his smartphone.

Who is Emily

Types of Emily


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Emily’s Virtual CEO Team can transform your life and business with the Virtual CEO Life

How to achieve the Virtual CEO Life