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Entrepreneurship, the struggle is real.



I understand your struggle.  Believe me, I know it’s hard. The struggle is real. Entrepreneurship is a different animal; the hustle and grind is real.


You are never a true entrepreneur until you put your money on the table and have skin in the game. You never understand the enormity of the challenge that is to become an entrepreneur until you are one.  Seeing your savings evaporate into thin air and realizing you have to work for free at the beginning and still pay those bills at home. 


Working for free, 50, 60, 70, 80 hours a week and struggling to pay the bills at home.  All  because working for free and building a company costs an enormous amount of time and resources. 


You are not alone. 


Not being able to afford help, or having expensive employees that are getting paid money you wish you had, only to find out that they don’t have your back and are only there for the paycheck.


Believe me, I know, I understand. 


Hard, only for the brave.


Entrepreneurs are the modern version of the average superhero.


We are on the same journey you and I.


4 years ago, I was on the “top of the mountain”, VP of Sales, making more money that I could spend. I personally suffered from a burn out from stress, insomnia, lack of time, exercise and a passion to become truly free and mobile. After making my former boss millions, I decided to cut his costs in half and quit. 


I ended up becoming an outsourcing provider for him, which was the platform on which I launched my company and the true beginning of my life as a serious entrepreneur.


Good employees are usually expensive but invaluable. 


You need help, you can’t grow without it. 


You need a dream team that has your back. 


Getting the right people on the bus and the wrong ones off, has been the most important lesson so far in my journey.  I struggled before burning hundreds of thousands of dollars on employees and resources on which I wasn’t getting a return. 


Then it dawned on me, I had to become my own client and recreate what I did for my ex-boss for me and my new clients.


I had to become the Virtual CEO all over again and show the world we can do it.  


During a business meeting with one of my most important clients at the time, she was venting, telling me she desperately needed an assistant like Emily from the Devil Wears Prada. She was constantly training assistants that were dumping her, trying to steal her business and leaving her without notice. Only to begin the process, again and again in a never-ending story.  Feel identified?


You are not alone!  


Same thing happened to me until I realized something.


The path towards finding a solution….


I had an epiphany, I bought the domain virtualemily.com and decided to create the perfect virtual assistant experience for me and my clients.  


Little did I know this was the beginning of recreating the Virtual CEO Life all over again as a sustainable service for entrepreneurs based on my life experience.


I decided to create Virtual Emily as a Virtual CEO experience which mimicked exactly how I worked for 10 years traveling around the world.  Basically, the Virtual Assistant works in the back end and can be replaced at any time, emphasizing on the client’s experience.  All with the help of tech and automatization of mechanical tasks that free the VCEO’s time so they can do what they are really good at.


In order for me to do this, I knew I needed a new team.  So, I decided to pivot my entire company, get the wrong people off the bus and rebuild it from scratch.


With the help of Emily and my new dream team, I am reborn as the Virtual CEO with a new focus on saving time and raising sales and productivity to improve my quality of life. Time and mobility are the new focus.


The Solution: Virtual Emily and her Dream Team.


The result has been incredible, we now have over 40 VCEOs that are having the Virtual CEO Life and are truly experiencing being mobile and more productive.


Now that I am on the other side of the desk, I understand my former boss more than ever.  I actually admire him more now because I am trying to do the same as he did by following the same journey only to realize, he was a true superhero, just like you and me.


You deserve a Virtual CEO Life.


Remember, you are more powerful than you have ever imagined.  You are not alone.  You are the masterful creator of your universe.  Never give up, never surrender.


Here are some testimonials from our Virtual CEOs:


"Virtual Emily has been a great addition to our team. In a short period of time she captured our values and vision, helping us to press on and achieve our goals. It is really hard to find people with such a profile and Virtual Emily made it look easy. Thanks Guys."


Oswaldo Otero



"Virtual Emily has made my professional and personal life much easier and effective. It is of great help to count on someone to support and guide me through all of my marketing and rebranding process. It is important having someone qualified for the job (this is a common issue for all entrepreneurs and now Virtual Emily takes care of this for me) and its also a lot of work and energy to be all the time on top of your assistant (Virtual Emily supervisor’s job ). The team at a company is its greatest asset so thank you for choosing and constantly training my Emily, she is now an essential part of my life."


Juliette Fayad

Managin Partner, Hairatin


"WorkBeast has extremely high standards for our employees and vendors. Virtual Emily has surpassed them all."


Tom Ryan

CEO, WorkBeast


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