Office Space

Provision of office space, prepaid model

At Vantech we feel proud of our focus towards a high-quality work environment with a strong emphasis in sustainable happiness within the workspace.

Our offices allow our employees and clients to enjoy their time at the workplace where a calm and creative environment is of utter importance, with one goal in mind: the maximization of productivity within a relaxed work environment.

Our offices provide:

  • High speed internet feeds with optical fiber of up to 30 Mbps
  • Certified CAT 6 network
  • UPS energy back-up
  • Top level Information Security
  • Workstation and offices
  • Kitchen
  • Patio and Chill Rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Security Camera feeds
  • Alarm system

We firmly believe that a happy work environment will help the individual be more productive and perform at a higher level, consequently reducing operational costs. Our daily work routine includes breaks, chilling rooms and weekly group activities to promote the wellbeing and stress reduction of our teams.

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