Creating the Virtual CEO Experience

The Virtual CEO experience is the ultimate mobility experience. “I literally run my entire company from my smartphone.”

I work and live in the Cloud; through the power of Virtual Assistants and automatizations, you can transform your life and business.

Who is Emily

You are now on your way towards becoming a Virtual CEO!

How did I do it?

People nowadays ask me where I live; and that’s a hard question for me to answer. Miami, New York, Bogota, or Montevideo; the truth is I live in my heart.
A friend once told me I was a gypsy at heart, a nomad. She might be right: I like to consider myself a citizen of the world.

I often thought being a citizen of the world meant traveling and having amazing experiences in multiple cultures and experiencing the world in its many forms. I have been very fortunate to travel my share. Read more.

Who is Emily

In any business: You need to invest in people to be successful.

In today’s global markets, Outsourcing is a necessity and a scenario where everybody wins and where you play the long game, where partnerships are defined by trust, quality, and growth of all parties involved, together as one. At this very moment…



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Isn't it great?

You can get a whole team of professionals in Admin, Sales, Marketing and Research starting 3,000 a month!

We will train and transform you into the VCEO you were born to be!

The Virtual Assistant Experience


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