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Happiness as a sustainable model in the work place

At Vantech, we pride ourselves on our cultural and creative approach towards our work environment, with a strong focus on Social Responsibility towards the community, our clients and ourselves. Our offices allow our employees to enjoy their time at the work place in a relaxed and creative environment. We strongly believe that a happy employee is a more productive and focused individual that will perform at a higher level and reduce operational costs. Our daily work routine includes breaks, chilling rooms, and weekly group activities to promote employees’ well-being, growth and stress reduction in the workplace. This in return provides our clients with a strongly motivated workforce that takes pride and love in what they do. By creating sustainable connections between our employees and our clients, we have come up with a new breed of an Outsourcing operation, where we all work as one with a common goal in mind: happiness and success in the workplace.

Social Responsibility

New form of doing marketing with social responsibility

Social Responsibility CSR

A socially responsible image and company goals will help our clients succeed as they try to establish a connection with their clientele and community. Our job will be that of guiding our clients through this process, as they learn to give to the community and use this as a powerful marketing and sales tool. Vantech provides its clients and employees with the necessary education and ONG channels to create socially responsible projects, which help us connect with our markets in a successful way for all parties.
We are united by a common goal: Social Responsibility towards ourselves, our work, and our community, aiming towards achieving sustainable happiness in the work environment while creating a new breed of Outsourcing operation with a higher sense of purpose and success.

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