Vantech Group combines Specialized Consulting, tailored Outsourcing of Virtual Emily, and cutting-edge
Technology Apps to help clients transform their life and business through the Virtual CEO Life Experience.

What we do

Vantech group is a Miami-based company that combines virtual staffing with cutting-edge consulting and project
management towards the growth of companies in areas such as Sales, Virtual Assistants, Marketing, and Data Research.

Who we are

We are a consulting and outsourcing team that specializes in helping Entrepreneurs, Executives and small
companies to grow and become more efficient and successful. Our unique approach towards virtual staffing sets
us aside and enables us to provide the best talent and remote workers in the United States.


We want to create a connection between our clients and their virtual assistants that will transform their lives and
business all over the world through the Virtual CEO Life.


Vantech Group is a Consulting and Outsourcing Company specialized on Sales and Outsourcing operations for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Small businesses for the last 10 years.

The Vantech team handled sales networks of multinationals such as: World Compliance within an outsourcing model for the Latin America Branch from its start up. The operation went from 0% market share and presence in the market, to complete market dominance with over 500 clients and millions in revenue in less than 6 years of operation. Yearly operations reported an annual account sales growth of at least 60%.

On an operational level, Vantech has also been responsible in helping many entrepreneurs grow at a consistent rate at a fraction of the costs for over a decade.


Vantech was created to provide opportunities for young individuals to work for foreign companies and achieve personal and professional success.  By enabling individuals to achieve their dreams so they can reach their highest potential, we have been able to create a work environment where sustainable happiness in the workplace is our most important asset.

In return, this provides our clients with a happy work force that translates into higher efficiency, reduced all around costs, and a true connection between our talent and our clients' needs, so that they can work as one, united by a common goal. 

Our passion is to be the best we can be by developing our strengths and abilities to the service of others.  This has enabled us to provide our clients with a very unique high quality level of service with one common goal:  Personal and professional success in a happy way.