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Vantech has become a company, were people want to work, because of its environment and its corporate culture, which is based on happiness, and it is a place where employees can grow side by side with the companies or clients they work for.

Virtual Employees have become a very important part of our clients teams.


As an American entrepreneur and most important client of Vantech, I have created a bridge between the United States and Colombia that provides amazing opportunity for all of the parties involved.


Tired of working in Call Centers, being mistreated and underpaid? At Vantech we are proud of the organization culture we have built and work only with the best.

We carefully headhunt our talent for our clients, and give them an opportunity to become our business partners with our clients as business community that looks to grow as one.

So I have decided to share my experience as an entrepreneur, because if you want to work here, it’s very important that you know what we are looking for.


Pay attention to this:


I know, logical right? Well, apparently some people don’t know that, and I know your family told you, that you have to always be yourself because people that truly loves you will accept you the way you are, and that is true, but, you

are not interviewing to work for your family.


So please, put on a clean nice shirt, not ragged pants, and nice clean shoes, take a shower, shave, comb your hair and come to the interview looking flawless.


Second most important thing.


It’s easy, just google it.


Go on the website and read a little about what the company does.


For an employer, the fact that you research and know about the company is a huge plus, and shows that you actually care and you aren’t just looking for any job.


The previous points, give you a huge advantage.

But that is not it.


Here’s a list of 10 points that you should avoid completely when interviewing for a job.


1. Don’t be late, arrive on time or at least 10 minutes before.


2. Don’t bring babies, pets, girlfriends or boyfriends, friends, or your mom. It’s not professional.


3. Always think about the client first.


4. Don’t show reluctance, contempt or pessimism. Smile, always.


5. Don’t lie, always be honest. If you don’t like the job or salary or work hours, don’t make people waste time, and don’t waste yours.


work with us

6.Don’t focus on the salary. The job interview is not the time to negotiate. Focusing too much on the money aspect causes a bad image to the interviewer and can be counterproductive. If necessary, ask, but be discreet, do not look anxious.


7. Turn your cellphone off, or set it up in vibration. Avoid interruptions.


8. Don’t be impolite. Be thankful for the opportunity, even if it’s not what you expected.


9. Never answer a question with “I don’t know”.


10. Focus your entire attention on the interview.


A very good advice I gave the people I interviewed and prepared is:


If you were the owner of the company, would you hire yourself?


Putting yourself in the other person's shoes will make your interview more effective, Trust me.

For the last year I have had to deal with people showing up late or not at all, with relatives, babies, chewing gum, and knitting during the interview.


YES, Knitting.


But that doesn’t bother me as much as the people that show up with a bad attitude.

I am firm believer people can be trained to learn to do anything, I have even built my business on that premise.

So if you want to be a part of our team, you are very welcome to try and work with us.


However, be warned, we only work with the best of the best. Only 2 out of 10 interviews get to meet my clients and me. Currently we have over 40 employees for over a dozen startups in the USA, those are flying between Bogota and the United States in vibrant growing companies that present unique life altering opportunities for you and our clients.


We are always looking to connect entrepreneurs with amazing talent give people the opportunity of being a part of our amazing organization culture.


We are part of the change we would like to see in the world of business and expect nothing less from our applicants.


Good luck!

Send us your CV at info@vantech.com.co





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Joe Da Silva

Written by Joe Da Silva

Jose Da Silva is the Virtual CEO of Vantech Group (consulting and outsourcing), coach/Mentor who loves the healthy lifestyle