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Virtual Marketing Assistants And The Innovative Spirit Of Content Marketing

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If we look at the way brands used to relate with their customers a few years ago, we will quickly notice that it has nothing to do with how this interaction is handled today. What makes content marketing so innovative is that it allows direct, real-time interaction with customers.


And the best of all is that customers are the ones who have been interested in your brand, through the quality content that your virtual content marketing assistant generated to catch their eye.


We are living in a digital era where social media has an enormous power that can help your business grow; because of this, brands must create content for their customers, since only in this way is it possible to establish an empathic and real connection with your audience. Creating a campaign on Facebook, for example, is one of the best ways to reach real customers, customers that are really interested in your brand, who want to hear what you have to say.


One of the best tools to achieve this are mobile-optimized video ads. Nowadays, people spend more time looking at content through their cell phones than they do on their computers. I recommend you to create a short video campaign that tells a story.

It is important that these videos can be used both on Facebook and Instagram and that are optimized so that all content is understood without listening to the audio. Use dynamic and eye-catching images to catch your audience's attention right from the start.


Good virtual marketing assistants must know how to make customers fall in love with your business.

How? Through novelty: generating innovative, interesting content that comes out of the mold; in this way, your assistant will significantly increase your brand’s awareness throughout your audience. The image of your business will be constantly projected and, because of this, your assistant must always take into account the quality of the content to give a serious and reliable image in the market.


Your VA must be organized and have a content publishing plan always at hand, should avoid writing or producing content at random and should take the time to investigate which content is most relevant to your audience.


Case Study


To set an example, let’s see the case of Oppa, a furniture and accessories brand that has grown from a startup to a fully-fledged business in just 4 years.


The brand wanted to know how to advertise at a large scale while keeping the messages personalized, and how to continually enhance campaign efficiency while decreasing conversion costs.


To achieve this they planned a 3-step marketing campaign for each type of customers:


  • Assemble a catalog: Oppa’s starting point was to upload a product catalog on Facebook Business Manager that contained key product information, including a description, link, availability, category and type.
  • Populating the campaign:Oppa then attracted customers to its website with link ads, carousel ads, video campaigns and blog content.
  • Separating groups for retargeting:By installing a conversion tracking pixel on all of its web pages, Oppa was able to track the interest and actions of each web page visitor—such as viewing a specific product page or adding a product to their cart---


Oppa successfully scaled its campaign by making more effective ads that customers clicked on 2.5 times more often. The brand achieved 38% higher revenue generated from ads, 35% reduction in Facebook ad costs, 2X higher return on investment with dynamic retargeting and 2.5X higher click-through rate; the best of all is that by following this steps, you can do it too!


It is not bad to be inspired by the actions of other brands, but it is essential to give a stand-out element to your content so that the public considers your brand unique and irreplaceable; this said, it is important that your virtual content marketing assistant knows that not everything that is viral on the internet is relevant for your audience and that is utterly important to look for homogeneity in the content that is generating, as in Marketing, everything is strategic.



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