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Virtual Lead Generation, My Fascination With Data And Sales


12 years ago I began my first start-up company: Database X.


I have always had a fascination with lead generation and data analytics and how we could use it to improve sales. I was obsessed with virtual lead generation and how it could create custom databases of targeted buyers in real time of whatever we wanted or sold? Guess what? We did.

This is the story of how a small start-up company from Bogota helped a Miami multinational start-up beat a giant from Europe that was working in Latin America and had 5 times more salesmen, clients and money. We were David, they were Goliath. Make it or break it odds; just like we like it.

Our client needed complex designs of Due Diligence Databases towards Risk Assessment of Know Your Customer/Client (KYC) Operations, for the financial and corporate sector. In Bogotá, Colombia we provided database design and research. With over 20 researchers and 4 salespeople in the Americas, we were responsible for both Sales and Research Operations. As the Director of Sales and Head of Research Operations, I saw the opportunity of having the research team work in real-time with the Sales Teams as one single process to create a virtual lead generation process that gave me the edge over my competitors.

Our researchers designed real-time leads of banks and fortunes 500 that were assigned to Appointment Setters (Jr. Account Executives) who in turn would book meetings and perform administrative tasks for our top salesmen per region. The result: the first year we raised sales by 40% and automated (assigned??)all admin duties on our Virtual Assistants. The sales teams were now concentrating on only one thing: meetings and sales.

This was an operation that went from 0% market share to complete market dominance with over 500 clients and millions of dollars in revenue in less than 6 years of operations. Our yearly operations reported an annual count sales growth of at least 40%. How did we manage to do this? Better data in real-time combined with motivated outsourced sales teams.


What is Virtual LeadGen

Virtual LeadGen combines advanced Lead Generation research and Appointment Setting calls to transform the ways businesses are selling. It is the Sales 3.0 of sales

How does it work?

We manage your data and create real time warm leads that we feed to appointment setters, thus generate meetings that will transform and boost your sales!


Our Virtual Assistants generate more leads and book appointments for you in real- time. 

    • Research: We use our Virtual Lead Generation process to find your prospect clients based on a target market the client gives us.


    • Marketing: We establish a social media following with your lead and create email campaigns


    • Sales: We begin calling and Scheduling appointments for you and manage your agenda.


Are you tired of receiving 5,000 USD a month quotes for Lead Generation on processes you don’t even understand and are very hesitant to pay? Have been buying “databases” from provider that bring absolutely no return? Yes? So have I.  As a start-up in Miami I decided it was time to get my bag of old tricks out and I re-designed this process; this time for my own company: Vantech. We are creating so many leads per week that my appointment setters can’t keep up!

Are you a lawyer? A digital marketing company? a software developing company? a Real estate company? We have even created leads and workshops for social media platform start-ups.


You name it, we can make it.

You don’t believe me? I put my money where my mouth is. I am ready to give you 10 leads for free if you agree to a free consultation and learn about our Virtual Assistants and how we can change your business and life.

We are truly changing businesses and our lives at the same time. I now have free time to focus on doing what I love while growing at the same time.


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