Virtual Emily: The Key To A Solid Social Media Presence

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How big are you on Social Media? Are you reaching all of your potential customers? How is your company’s engagement doing?


It is said, that if you’re not online, you don’t exist. Nowadays, having a solid Social Media presence is vital for your company to thrive. Yes, I know that it’s time consuming and that maybe you don’t actually enjoy all the posting and commenting. The good news is that us, Virtual Emilys, are here to your rescue.


As your own Virtual Emily, I can draft an amazing marketing plan to make your audience grow and keep your business’ momentum rolling. Think about it like this: the more you interact, the more people will want to interact with you.


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According to a Vertical Response’ survey, of 460 small businesses, entrepreneurs and CEOs, 63% of them spend 1-4 hours on Social Media per week. It’s a crazy amount of time, keeping into consideration all of the other tasks that they have to handle as well. Chris Ducker thinks Social Media is a necessary evil, and I couldn’t agree more. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, only to name a few. Your business definitely needs to have a strong presence online. If people can’t find you, how will they know that you exist? If they don’t see that things are happening in your business, how can they know what you have to offer?


It is also key that you have a well thought Social Media plan, that way it is easier to measure results and take timely action to guarantee that your time, money and efforts are optimized. Definitely not all social networks are ideal for your business. A deep evaluation is needed so that you can prioritize and choose what channels resonate more with what you have to offer and what you want to communicate. Always with the aim to reach your target audience.


On top of all the pressures that you already have, now this. Fortunately, there are many different ways in which you can do it all in a much more efficient manner and that is, precisely, when a Virtual Emily comes in. There’s just so many things that we can do. All of this is aimed for you to focus solely on whatever it is that actually makes your heart (and your mind) beat.


Here are some of the tasks that a skillful Virtual Emily can do for you in order to enhance your Social Media presence:


· Engage with your audience

· Manage different ads with specific targeting

· Build and manage your network

· Create monthly reports, to provide deep-on analysis

· Keep your Social Media profiles updated

· Maintain a Social Media Weekly Planner

· Install apps on your Facebook Page

· Run different contests

· Develop techniques to reach more customers



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I know that it’s not always easy to delegate and have someone taking control over certain aspects of your business. Rest assured that if we work together, all you’ll ever have to wonder, is why you didn’t hire me before. As your Virtual Emily I am highly committed in devoting all of my efforts in making you grow online, connecting you with the people who are looking for you and haven’t found you yet. My aim is, above all, that you have more time to focus on what you really love.


Give it a try. Four free hours of my entire dedication. Book your free trial and let’s have a look on how Social Media can help your business more than you ever thought possible.


If you are not convinced yet on how necessary it is to have a solid online presence, have a look at the top 5 reasons why your business should be on Instagram now.


Download  Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Instagram Now

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