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For over a decade, I have mastered the art of running a company virtually out of necessity because I have had to travel to generate business.   As a former VP of Sales, I traveled Latin America for almost 9 years and had to rely on virtual teams to run my operation in my absence.  I was constantly obsessed with freeing my time and streamlining all aspects of running my operation: sales, admin, data research and marketing, as well as remaining mobile at the same time.


I was responsible for running an entire region that was serving over 400 clients with over 30 employees while on the road.  In a virtual operation everybody has to be held accountable of his or her own actions and value.  Organizational culture is key.  I always made a point of making the team understand that my success was their success and vice versa.  I was a VP whose sole purpose was to sell and they were the backbone of the entire operation.  We were all part of a well-oiled machine who became number 1 in the market because of our commitment to offer the highest possible quality product and customer service.



I learned the hard way that I was the rainmaker and that an hour of me selling could pay the costs of the entire operation.  So I started delegating volume work and trusting my virtual assistants so I could focus on selling.  I created personal sales assistants and appointment setters for all sales directors and freed over 60% of their time, which in turn allowed the team to outsell our quota by 40%.  We integrated Sales force and back end office assistants for creation of proposals, contract signatures, forms, invoice collection and so much more!  Open invoices were reduced by 90% and all contracts were now being signed digitally within a day!


Constantly living in airplanes and hotels, I started to really value my personal time for exercise or family. I am one of those rare entrepreneurs that has a thriving business and time for family and myself.  I have never understood the concept of not having time for your loved ones, of being too busy for life.  Life is what is happening in this moment!  Isn’t that what life is about? Having time to enjoy and be happy? 


Life has taught me that:  Time and mobility are the new currency for the rich, not money.


I ended quitting my previous job and became a consultant and outsourcing provider for my previous boss.  I realized the impact my previous job had on his start up and on the lives of all the people we hired in Colombia and Miami to run it.  Honestly, it took me a couple of years to actually realize what we had done and how powerful it can be for companies looking to grow fast and efficiently.  I have now perfected this as a service provided by my company Vantech Group who now provides these services to dozens of entrepreneurs all over the US.


My virtual assistants have nicknamed me, the “Virtual CEO,” because I am still traveling all over the world with the help of my minions (that is how they like to call themselves).  

Difference is I know get to travel for leisure as much as business.   They are literally managing my personal life and brand.  They book my meetings, plane tickets, hotels, have digitalized and automate my back end office, marketing and sales departments through cloud-based apps.


They are constantly motivating me through hard times, even when I am in a bad mood; It really does make a difference.   

I call this experience the Virtual CEO Life.  I literally run my entire company from my smartphone. 

The other day, I electronically signed a client contract during an afternoon run in the beach and created a job at the same time! Not bad for a day of work.


We are living in the greatest era known to man: The Digital revolution.  We are the beginning of a new era.  I strongly believe that vibrant community of entrepreneurs and virtual assistants can be instrumental in job creation and opportunities that can help make the world a better place.  I have always been a firm believer of being part of the solution and not complaining.  That we are the supreme creators of the life we want to live in.  What we focus on we create.


My focus is to help entrepreneurs build the companies of the future, powered by corporate consciousness and social entrepreneurship as well.  A happy company is a successful company.  If we all do our part and start with ourselves, I have no doubt our world will change in an instant.   At Vantech, we believe the best start is to become part of the change we would like to see in the world. 

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Joe Da Silva

Written by Joe Da Silva

Jose Da Silva is the Virtual CEO of Vantech Group (consulting and outsourcing), coach/Mentor who loves the healthy lifestyle