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How to become more productive: 7 Tips that will get you there



“Multi-tasking is the ability to screw everything up simultaneously.” - Jeremy Clarkson

Be aware that you will make mistakes. Throughout the years you’ve been creating for yourself some good and some questionable working habits. Some you may have thought about consciously and some subconsciously, the truth is, things are not going to change overnight.


Now, this is not an attempt to discourage you but the complete opposite. This is a wakeup call, so you can start walking the path that will lead you to becoming more productive.


Be patient, start focusing on becoming a better professional for yourself and your company, believe me, before you know it, you are half way there.


Become more productive with these 7 tips:


  1. To-Do List. Make it reasonable, create a balance between the tasks that will take you time and the ones that won’t.
  2. One small goal at a time. It may seem overwhelming to finish a big project on time, but if you separate it into stages and accomplish them one by one, you can finish everything without even noticing.
  3. Track your time. This will help you be aware of how much time you take to get a task done, what’s helping and what could be sabotaging your schedule.
  4. Delegating and reviewing methods. You are delegating tasks to your team but must review them before they can be marked as finished. I personally recommend you use a project management tool or a collaboration one, this makes working together on a project that much easier.
  5. Pick one task. Look at your list and pick one task, start working and don’t move to another thing until the work is done. Multitasking can become your greatest enemy and can be the cause of you starting a bunch of projects without being able to finish any.
  6. Group similar tasks. Work on tasks that are alike, then continue to another group. For example, if you are going to be checking emails, check all of them. Don’t answer one and then come back to your inbox hours later. Get that out of your way and continue with your to-dos.
  7. Ask for help. If you don’t understand something, ask someone that might. It will take you a whole lot of time researching or training yourself on what you’re supposed to do. It is way easier if you find someone that already knows and can teach you how it’s done.


Delegating can be the greatest decision you take. The employees you hire for this will become the extra hands you’ve been looking for and I promise this is something you won’t ever regret.


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