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Virtual Assistants: exactly what you need as an entrepreneur




“The difference between a VA and a freelancer or a traditional employee is that VAs are resourceful generalists (sometimes competent in areas like marketing communications or design) who perform tasks or routines rather than owning an entire function of your business.” Braveen Kumar, Shopify (Follow him on Twitter)



As entrepreneurs, we face many hard choices daily. As soon as we wake up we need to focus hard on our agenda and what we want to accomplish to continue growing our company the way we want it to grow and to make sure it aligns with our values and hopes. We are our own boss, and that means we have to be harder on ourselves than we might want to in order to reach the next level and becoming truly productive.


But how do know we are doing it right? Can we even do it all?


First, it is important to be hard on yourself to try to accomplish everything you want, but you must also be realistic to understand that sometimes you might need help from an expert. Whether we like it or not you might need to find someone who can help you figure out what your business should look like in a year or two. At first you might be able to go about your day solo but eventually, if you really want to push your company you need brilliant individuals who will help you plan and design the future of your business.  It is here when you face two options, you can either hire someone to physically be with you or you can hire an expert who can deliver exactly what you need at a cheaper price without being physically there.


Sure, we are biased towards preferring VAs, but regardless of our opinions at the end of the day hiring someone is expensive, and a VA is the best option an entrepreneur has access to today. In an ideal world, we would all have a company of 20+ employees and a fantastic office in which we can run our operations. However, we are all quite aware that running a business is pretty much something you do from a co-working space, a café, or even directly from home in your pijamas (just like we are writing this blog at the moment)


Work logic has changed dramatically with the internet, and now, being closer than ever with highly qualified individuals from all over the world, we can finally have access to talented people who are willing to go to hell and back with us for a lot less.  If you are a true entrepreneur you probably already understand that at the end of the day in order to succeed, what you need is to have the right numbers.


Hiring someone to work with you and having an office space is expensive, and if you want to save a lot of money you might want to start working from home or in a public place, and push your business forward with smart people who, just like you, enjoy their freedom and are willing to become your Virtual Assistants for less than a regular assistant.


At first, it might be difficult to work with a team of individuals who are not physically there, sometimes even abroad, but in the end, to be an entrepreneur you need to be flexible and work with the best option you have available. And we are willing to bet a Virtual Assistant is the right choice for you.


Find out how a VA can change your life and become a Virtual CEO now!


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 Download  Comparison between a Regular Assistant and a Virtual Assistant