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5 ways to generate amazing business ideas




Have you ever heard the expression the world is your toolbox? I have, just recently, and I find it pretty spot on. You can find inspiration everywhere and the funny thing is that some of the most successful businesses come from pretty simple ideas that become a solution to everyday pain points.


Take for example Uber, people wanted to feel safe when they got a ride and also have the possibility of paying via credit card. It is an easier way to go from one place to the other without having to wait for a cab to pull over for you on the street.


Google, they wanted to give their users the possibility to find answers for EVERYTHING in an easy and fast manner. Stop and think the brands you use in your everyday life. Are they making your life better?


They probably are, if it wasn’t the case then you wouldn’t waste time or money on them.


Let the entrepreneur inside you free.


These are 5 ways in which you can start to create a list of business ideas:

  1. Family brainstorming

It may not seem as obvious to many but having your family help you with ideas is actually a pretty good way to start. Sometimes when you’re too close to something you can’t see the big picture. That’s where they can step in.

  1. Go a long way with your friends

Your friends may have great ideas that you could feed from. Not everyone is an entrepreneur but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be creative about a product or a service that can make their lives better. Another important aspect is that maybe you lack a skill set they have or the other way around, they can be experts in something and you thrive in another aspect of the business. It’s crucial to listen. 

  1. Your interests may be telling you something

Think about your hobbies, the things you like doing the most. Now map out how you can turn your love for something into an income. People in the beauty and fashion industry do it all the time. What is your passion? What moves you? Now think about how you can bank from it.

  1. Open your mind and eyes

Traveling is the best way to open your mind. Being exposed to other cultures and people can be the perfect incentive to create a business. Maybe you see something in another country that can also be done in your country or city. When you spot something that generates some kind of interest in you, think about it and think about different ways in which you could explore this further.

  1. Check out the web

Read the news, check out what different companies are doing, even interacting in social media with others may spark an idea. Check out new trends and see what’s having the best response from the public. This way you can see how you can get into it also and benefit from the hype.


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