How do I know my VA is working on the tasks?

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Hey Entrepreneur, have you been asking yourself "How do I know my Virtual Assistant is working on the tasks?" 


Let me tell you a little bit of how we work. This is a question that comes up a lot and I reassure to our clients that there will be no issue with the completion of their work. 


The amazing thing about hiring a Virtual Emily is that you are not only working with your VA but you also have an Account Manager, Trainers, Team Leaders and our Director of Operations making sure everything is being done on time. 


We monitor everything that is being worked on and through our project management tool called Basecamp, your VA can be checking the tasks she completes everyday. We also have daily reports that are being sent to our clients but let me assure you that our team of professionals have you covered.


No more chasing your employees to get their work done, we only work with committed professionals and we will be following up to see the tasks done and what is pending on a daily basis. 


Want to have a taste of the Virtual CEO Life? Claim your FREE trial, let me show you how we roll. :) 



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