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Can I hire a virtual assistant for personal tasks?


virtual assistant

Hey Entrepreneur, have you been asking yourself "Can I hire a Virtual Assistant for personal tasks?" 


Let me tell you the answer is YES! 


I do a ton of personal tasks for my Virtual CEO and so does all of our Emilys for their clients. 


This is a list of some of them: 


    • Reservations
    • Online shopping
    • Food ordering
    • Paperwork
    • Payments
    • Expenses Reports
    • Event Planning
    • Customer Support
    • Manage Providers
    • Pay Bills
    • Travel Arrangements
    • Reminders
    • Personal Errands


    And much more! You name it, we take care of it. 


For example I handle my CEO's Airbnb apartment! 


Not sure what you can delegate to me? Take a FREE trial and have a taste of our services. 


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