How consistent are virtual assistants?


Hey Entrepreneur, have you been asking yourself "How consistent are Virtual assistant?" 


At Virtual Emily our virtual assistants are not freelancers working for a bunch of clients at the same time. They are dedicated professionals that work at our offices and are being monitored by us to make sure our client's experience is the best one. 


There are 2 ways to hire a Virtual Emily to work for you. 

1. Part-time: This means this person would work for you for 4 hours a day from Monday to Friday. 

2. Full-time: This person would work for you for 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday. 


This depends on the amount of workload you have to delegate or your budget. 


These are the types of Emilys and the cost of each one. 


virtual assistant  


We make sure everything is perfect from the start to the beginning. This is why we would love to offer you a FREE trial of our services, pick the Emily, we show you how it's done!  


Get started with a free trial!  


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