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How do I communicate with my Virtual Assistant?


virtual assistants communication

Hey Entrepreneur, have you been asking yourself "How do I communicate with my Virtual Assistant?" 


The truth is that we make it really easy for you. 


We have several ways in which our clients communicate with their virtual assistants. Below you can find the most common ways. 


1. Phone line: We provide all of our Virtual Emilys with a local phone line and direct extension so you can communicate with them during their shift. 

2. Skype: You can use this platform to talk with your assistant. You can message, have calls and even video conferences. 

3. WhatsApp is also a good way to keep the communication flowing during your work hours. 

4. Project Management Tool: We use Basecamp internally but we have clients that prefer Trello or Asana to work with their VAs. 

5. Email: This is also one of the preferred methods in which our clients communicate with their Virtual Assistant. 


Want to see first hand how easy it is to have a perfect relationship with your VA? Claim you FREE trial and get to know me and how I work with my clients. :) 


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