Would my Virtual Assistant be able to speak to the client?

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Hey Entrepreneur, have you been asking yourself "Would my Virtual Assistant be able to speak to the client?" 


Let me assure you that she will, but first of all you have to make sure of what exactly will the task be about. 


For instance, all of our Virtual Emilys can do customer support, making follow up calls for you or confirming meetings. But if you are looking for someone to work for you as customer service or sales then you will need someone with this background or profile. 


Since all of our Virtual Assistants are professionals in their field, we make sure the people we present to you as your Emily, have experience in what they will be working on. So if you are looking for chat support, phone support or email support, you need a Customer Service Emily. If you are looking for someone to do the cold calling, prospecting and business promotion then you are looking for a Sales Emily. 


Want to know some more on how your VA will be able to handle your clients? Claim you FREE trial and get to know me and how I work with my clients. :) 


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