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How do I become a great boss to a Virtual Assistant?


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Hey Entrepreneur, have you been asking yourself "How do I become a great boss to a Virtual Assistant?" 


Let me tell you communication is extremely important. 


There are also 5 keys that you should have in mind so you can choose the perfect virtual assistant for you and work in a more efficient way. 


5 Keys to finding the best Virtual Assistant for your company 


  • Don’t focus on their work only: Many times when we are hiring new people to be part of our company we focus so much on their credentials that we forget to actually look at who they are as person and if their values align with ours. Drop the resume for a minute, and focus on asking them what they actually love doing, understand where they come from and if they are on the same wavelength as you are. It might take more time to do this process, but doing so will allow you to work with someone who cares about your work, not about a paycheck.


  • Focus on emotions, not only logic: When a candidate applies for a job he or she tends to focus on showing a skillset more than emotional abilities. However, the best workers for any company are those who are actually emotionally involved as well as skilled. So remember, try to understand where they are coming from and if they are a good fit that will balance or add something valuable to your company.  


  • Make sure they have the technical skills: You might be so delighted by meeting your first Virtual Agent that you might let go of details such as the phone call dropping or the glitchy videoconference. Make sure they have the right tools that your company might need; from a proper internet connection to whatever software and skillset that is essential for you. 


  • Look at several options: Don’t just get the first option you see right away. There are a million different Virtual Agents out there. Some companies tend to hire the first person they hear about instead of the one that might be the best fit for them. Take your time, do your research. 


  • Make sure a Virtual Agent can do the work you need: This one seems obvious but it will help you a lot. If you require someone who might at some point need to be present in your workspace then a Virtual Agent/Virtual Assistant might not be the best option. At times some VAs actually meet their clients in person, but if you foresee the need for a meeting like this to happen in a near future considering a different option might be important. 


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