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The Virtual Assistant Experience: 5 Ways to Work Smarter Alongside Your VA


You thought about it for quite a while, and finally, you realized that you cannot do everything yourself, that you need a hand to help you with some tasks. For your business to grow, you must delegate all overflowing activities into a Virtual Assistant, this is the best solution to save time and be more effective.


The best-kept secret of successful people is to know how to delegate. If you are still stuck in the belief that "if you want a well-done job you must do it yourself", you are wrong. With the help of a Virtual Assistant, your work will be done faster and you will save money.


Without a doubt, to be successful you must learn the secrets to effective delegation. To achieve this, you must be clear and accurate with the tasks so that your VA understands perfectly what you want.


The first thing to keep in mind is that at first, your VA will not know anything about you or your business. Clear instructions, set deadlines, and priorities are the basis of good delegation. This will make your VA have all your activities clear and complete the job faster.


In this blog we want to give you 5 key tips so that you can work smarter alongside your VA:


1. Know what to delegate


Make a list of all those tasks that you could leave in hands of your VA. In this way, you will have a clear vision of all your activities and identify those that are taking your time. You need to be able to differentiate what you can do and what you have to do. Classify your tasks in these 4 categories:


  • Activities you don’t like
  • Tasks that take a lot of time
  • Repetitive and tedious activities
  • Tasks you like to do yourself


The result of this list will tell you what to delegate and what to keep. You will also realize that there are activities that devour your time and you need to get rid of them as soon as possible.



2. How to delegate


It’s time to ask for what you clearly need. A good example of how to delegate a task is to tell your VA what you want when you need it done and how you need it. Here are a few guidelines you shouldn't forget:

  • Explanation of the task
  • Delivery deadline
  • Why do you need this done


3. Follow-up

Delegating also involves doing a good follow-up, but it's important to remember that this monitoring should never become excessive control. One of the most important aspects for effective delegation is trust, in both ways. Your VA will complete the task in the way you have specified, but you must be available to answer questions and clarify doubts.


4. Rate the work of your VA

It is very important that once the job is done, you rate your VA performance. This will help both of you to improve certain aspects of the employment relationship and will foster trust and mutual appreciation. We advise you not to judge, at first sight, give some time for the work of both of you to adjust and synchronize.



5. Motivate


Look for ways to keep your VA or your remote team motivated. Be sure to make it clear that their work is valuable, thank them and always provide feedback.


Now that you know how to delegate, we invite you to meet Emily. A new generation of Virtual Assistants that stands out for being intelligent, driven, fast and above all, real.


Delegating and entrusting to Emily your tasks is easier than you think, you will see that a new world of possibilities opens up to you, and you will think: Why didn't I do this sooner?




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