Corporate Consciousness And Happiness

I’m often asked for my thoughts about the future of compliance and organizational culture.


What people really want to know is, what’s the next level of compliance? How to improve?


For me, the answer is corporate consciousness and happiness in the work place.


That means creating organizational cultures that inculcate responsibility from within, happiness in the workplace and transparency in business.


There are four primary components of corporate consciousness as it relates to compliance and its future:

  1. Transparency
  2. Accountability
  3. Technology
  4. Organizational culture: Happiness as an asset


Let’s start with transparency.  


We believe we are business partners with our client and virtual assistants. 

Last year, we contributed to more than 50 jobs created in Colombia and served over a dozen companies in various areas.  What is the secret to our success: Transparency in how we do things and an unmatched experience for our clients and employees through our culture. 

Our generation has grown up with the Internet revolution and expects far more transparency.

That transparency will in turn promote accountability.


Technology also plays a key role in taking our clients to the next level.   

With the combination of our Virtual Assistants and apps we have helped countless executives and solopreneurs transform their lives and business.  

We are living in the era of the Digital and technology revolution.  Now a days we can share work and information through digital cloud based platforms that are very secure.


Organizational cultures are crucial to take operations to the next level.

Human resource programs that encourage and reward ethics and transparency and promote wellbeing as an asset are central to corporate consciousness.


I believe the most important aspect of human resource management is employee happiness and accountability.


Ethical and compliant corporate cultures begin with individual responsibility and accountability.

Where do those come from? Qin Zhang & Donald Gibson studied the effects of perceived supervisor caring.

They found that it promoted happiness, and happiness in turn led to more productive and compliant employees.

I would describe it this way: When we feel that our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is being respected, joy and pride infuse our work.   


For the same reason, we have become so successful in creating a culture where the interest and benefit of our clients are our most important focus.   But let’s not stop there.


Our individual desire to succeed cannot outweigh the benefits of the many. 

That’s why every organization should also pursue corporate consciousness.

The joy and pride we feel as individuals working in a vibrant multicultural business community is what will ultimately propel Vantech and our clients to the next level.



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Joe Da Silva

Written by Joe Da Silva

Jose Da Silva is the Virtual CEO of Vantech Group (consulting and outsourcing), coach/Mentor who loves the healthy lifestyle