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Meet Emily, The New Virtual Assistant Generation

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Virtual Emily-Your Key to Success


We often watch in many TV shows and movies a variety of personal assistants anyone can define as “perfect”.

Suits, Drop dead Diva and criminal minds are a few examples of this, but there’s no assistant on show business better than Emily.


“The devil wears Prada” introduced us to Emily Charlton, who was not even the main character in the movie, but her name was famous because of her boss Miranda Priestly that says she calls all of her assistants Emily, because they are all the same.


Emily (Andrea) tried so hard to be different and better than Emily, she ended up being the best assistant ever, not without a problem or two, but it was worth it.


Every entrepreneur, executive and CEO wants and needs an Emily.


But a virtual Emily is a Virtual Assistant Experience in itself.

virtual assistant that is so good, she can even anticipate tasks and needs before her boss asks her.  We call this the VirtualCeo experience.


But what makes an assistant good?

What makes an assistant “perfect”?


Who is Emily?

Emily is the epitome of the perfect assistant that is self-sufficient, efficient, independent, obliging and smart.


Where is Emily?

Emily is everywhere, she is mobile, she is virtual and real at the same time.


Emily is an experience


As the original Virtual Emily, I believe it is a combination of attitude and a mix of different skills and values and technology that can be used to transform the life and business of the clients I serve


First, you have to be obliging.

Not everyone has this gift, and if you want to assist, you have to like it.

It has to come from inside you.


I have always liked customer service, I like to interact with people and be a solution provider, and I am also very good at following instructions.


You have to be very organized, but like, really, really good at organizing.

Documents, folders, emails, even, your desk.

Organization is a key point in assisting.


Empathy and rapport.


“To walk in someone else’s shoes" and understand that you are not only an employee but part of a team; and the success of your boss, and the businesss, is your own.


Happy boss, happy work I say.


Be proactive.


Proactivity to me, means that you have to optimize times, look for solutions, and every day try to make processes more efficient.  Both the Virtual CEO and Emily need to become an extension of one another.   We call this the Virtual Ceo Experience.  You literally run the entire experience from your smartphone.

Find new ways of optimizing, update yourself, and keep learning new ways to become the best at what you do.


I have been working as a VA for more than a year now, and my boss calls me his partner.

I understand his needs, and the way he wants things to work, but I am also his friend.

I am here to help in any way possible for my boss to fulfill his dreams and goals, because I am doing the same.


Technology and artificial intelligence are trying to catch up into the “assistant” life, but it’ll never be the same to deal with a computer or an app to actually having a person by your side that completely understands your business and your needs, and can help you become a better person.


We were created to learn from each other and as I learn from my boss, he also learns from me.


As I make his life better, he makes mine better too.


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