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Live coverage of the Summit at Sea, from the Virtual CEO Life





I have been blessed with the opportunity to be able to attend the Summit at Sea, whereby some of the greatest minds get together to find solutions for a better world. Many of my friends and colleagues have asked for a detailed account of this journey, in which a group of the brightest people in business and culture embarked on a voyage across international waters in search of a dream. I really did not know what I was getting myself into; I honestly had no expectations at all. Truth is, The Summit was definitely an extraordinary immersive experience, designed to inspire attendees to connect, share ideas and interact with one another in a truly meaningful way.

One of the conferences that most impacted me was: Work, Wealth and the Economics of Tomorrow, with Nouriel Roubini and Edgar Cahn, PhD.

As I listened to two of the world’s brightest minds talk about the economics of the future, I felt in total awe of what was happening in that moment. They were giving us a detailed description of the state of the world in one paragraph; I will try my best to do them justice and summarize it for you:

“We are living in the era of the Digital Revolution, in which technology has caused a global phenomenon where middle classes are revolting against the elite. There is a lack of job security and opportunities for a growing minority in this new era of ever-changing economic landscape that has been fueled by technology.

Companies such as UBER, AirBnB and Tesla are literally reshaping industries as we speak. The driverless car is at last a reality that will affect 15 million of jobs only in the United States alone. At the same time, there has never been a more exciting moment to be alive and to be an entrepreneur. Never before have we had so much and had it so good. As many new opportunities and jobs are created with the rise of the digital revolution, others are lost from a more industrial era.

Technology and evolution are unstoppable forces that cannot be denied; however, there is a growing minority whose voice demands to be heard, people that feel abandoned by their government who lack the skill sets to thrive and to succeed in this new era of change.

When the moderator asked Dr. Edgar Cahn what the solution was in his perspective, he said: “The basic needs of all individuals and their families should be guaranteed by society. If we do not provide equal rights and opportunities for all, democracy will create failed states by people who are not happy or conscious of their choices as they look to simply survive. We, as people, need to unite as one and create the world we dream to live in. A world we will leave behind for our children and generations to come; the technology and resources are there. We need unite as a vibrant community that is part of the change they want to see in the world. We need to get back to our roots, to when we lived as one, as a community, and break bread together and value people, not because of the skills they possess or how much money they make, but because they are a part of us and we are part of them; something native Americans and many communities have known since the beginning of time.”

The digital revolution has connected us more and more, but at the same time never before have we felt so alone with ourselves. A need for awareness and spiritual awakening of the masses is needed to deal with real issues that are affecting the way we live.

The closing conference of the Summit with Erich Schmidt, CEO of Google and Jeff Rosenthal, one of the founding fathers of the Summit Community was very interesting. Jeff asked Mr. Schmidt: ‘When will artificial intelligence be able to answer my emails?’ According to Mr. Schmidt, the technology is already here.

One thing is clear to me, there has to be a balance where technology meets our human need for connection and love. A real-life virtual assistant who actually cares about me, that has an emotional bond and shared purpose to work together as business partners and makes possible a viable scenario for alternative job creation that changes the world. One of the things I am most proud of as an entrepreneur is seeing how it changes and shapes the lives of all parties involved.



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