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It’s Not Virtual, if it is Real: Confessions of a Virtual Assistant

There must be some chores that you are doing in your company that consume your valuable time, like managing calendars, talking to providers, accounting, setting up meetings, administrative tasks and so much more.


Maybe, just maybe, deep down you know you can use an assistant to help you, but you think it’s “expensive” or does not have the quality a real person can provide.  You are not alone in this belief.


Well, then you might need a “virtual assistant


When people think about the word “virtual”, the first thing that comes to mind is it is “Not real”.

Something virtual is something that is perceived to “not be there”, that’s the reason why people perceive “virtual assistants” as some kind of a robot that answers the phone and manages the agenda, and that’s not it.


Then you think “why would I need a virtual assistant if I have a smartphone” right? Or "why would I want to hire assistant full time?"  I don’t even know what he/she looks like or if she’s working for other clients.   Does this even work?


Well, I have been a virtual assistant for over a year, and trust me, it is not virtual, if the benefits are real, and if you deal every day with a real person, with a true connection. 


The only thing “virtual” about this job is that I am not there sitting next to my boss in the flesh, but it certainly feels like I am.


And what is it that I do for my boss?




  • I manage his agenda.
  • Answer emails.
  • Talk to him on skype, or WhatsApp, or any other media available.
  • Manage the CRM
  • Manage his Social Media
  • Set up his meetings
  • Talk to the clients
  • Book flight tickets and hotels


And absolutely anything else he might need, I am there for him.



And to talk about next level of assistance, I even bought an apartment and re decorated it for him via whatsap!


It all depends on the skills you need, but we always find someone who fit your needs, just for you, someone who will be just as committed as you are to what you are doing. You do not have to be alone.



What I like about my job is that the benefits are real for both parties.


As a multitasking assistant I can free your time so you can sell more, concentrate on getting more clients, and increases you productivity by at least 40% in the first months.  I will even help you free some of that time for your personal needs.   I can take care of you while you are doing something for yourself.  When was the last time you did Yoga, or went out to the movies?


In the long term your relationship with your assistant becomes real and you establish a professional connection with that human being capable of understanding your needs and how to get things done for you in a timely manner.


So, it is not that virtual right?


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