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I am Virtual Emily and Groundbreaking Marketing is my thing

I am Virtual Emily and Groundbreaking Marketing is my thing-01

I am Virtual Emily and Groundbreaking Marketing is my thing-02.jpg


You know that you need to get your online game going. You know that you have to make yourself more visible. You know that you are ready to tap into a broader audience. And, yet, you don’t seem to do it.


I know marketing your business takes time. I know it might seem really complicated at times. I know Social Media is not your thing. I know that you would really prefer to do something else.


I’m here for you, my Virtual CEO. I am Marketing Emily and I am an expert on getting engagement going, growing your social media channels and designing gorgeous and spot on graphics and campaigns. All of these, to make your business expand and reach those people that are looking exactly for what you have to offer.


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I have three main areas of work, but, of course, I’m open and willing to offer the marketing experience that you really need. We can focus on whatever aspect you need support with and I can guarantee that, by having me by your side, your business will reap benefits and results. 


I’ll give you a clearer idea on what my groundbreaking marketing is all about: 

  • Graphic Design: Color palettes, word combination, diagramming. All of it so that you have the most appealing pieces to be shared with the world. I carefully choose those design elements that are deeply aligned with your company’s values, so that when they reach the public, people can fully identify you and what you’re offering. I have every skillset to help you with your branding.


  • Community Management and Social Media Monitoring: Let’s get your social going. I have experience with all the different social media channels out there. I can trace a digital plan, so that we can boost your business and reach those people that haven’t heard about your business yet. I have all the tools to do and edit videos for you and create/update your website as well. There, we can then upload blogs and digital content and also, design digital marketing ads. We can get email marketing/ newsletters going and measure them through analytics reports. Engagement is key, so I will take care of generating and maintaining it with your current database in a way that it will attract more people into your pages. I can create social media content, as it’s a great place to start sharing those gorgeous and effective graphic designs that I mentioned above.


  • Web Design: Having a functional website is key to get your business to a broader audience. It is your presentation card on the online world, so I will make sure that every single detail of it is taken care of, from programming, to SEO, to managing the subscriptions, so that you can focus on what really matters: your business. .


It’s a relief, isn’t it? To know that there’s someone out there who truly wants your best interest and has the perfect set of skills to make your company thrive even more, while you give yourself the permission to fully focus on what drives your passion. That’s what Virtual Emily is all about. 


I’m so convinced that my services will be a great benefit for you, that I’m giving you 4 hours of my time for free to try it out.


Download now a map that will give you a clear overview of your social media as well. Let’s get started.


Download A Clear Overview Of Your Social Media