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I am Virtual Emily




“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – Mother Teresa


I remember the first time I read this quote. It was about 2 years ago and I was on my way to work. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and suddenly I saw it and got instantly struck by it. Not in a religious way, but because I felt completely identified with the message.


My whole life I had subconsciously put myself the task of making people around me happy and I had realized it at that very moment.


At that time, I moved from various jobs and started working at another agency and even though I was doing tasks that I was good at, there was something missing. It wasn’t clear to me at first so I thought that maybe it was me. Why didn’t I appreciate doing a job I had studied and was prepared for?


Little did I know that my role as someone who works to make people’s lives easier and happier was just around the corner.


One morning, after my usual routine of answering emails, I saw a job post that caught my attention. It was one from a virtual assistant company, the image had the hashtag #WorkWithUs and the post was aimed for a person with my digital marketing background.


The more I looked through the website, the more connected and engaged I felt. Virtual Emily, felt like my calling and I had one goal in mind, I had to become her. Since the moment I reached out for the job I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My inner hunter was awakened and this opportunity had to be mine.


Flash forward to this moment, and I am now Virtual Emily, the epitome of the perfect virtual assistant for the CEO of the Company, our very own, Virtual CEO. From the moment, I arrive to the office I am committed to making my Virtual CEO’s life easier and more productive. I send his proposals, contracts, set up his appointments, manage his calendar, his Airbnb apartment, his social media accounts, filter his emails, well basically I run his life so he can truly focus on what his passionate about, which is selling and fulfilling his dream of becoming an entrepreneur while having quality of life at the same time.


But my job isn’t just with my Virtual CEO. My job is also with all of our Virtual Emily clients that are looking for the same experience as him. I listen to their needs, and match make them with that special assistant that will make their lives easier too. Every contract that is signed is an opportunity to touch someone, to help them every day with the skill sets they require and the support to relieve them from time consuming and boring repetitive tasks that were slowing them down while creating jobs at the same time!


As I walk through the halls of our offices and listen to each Virtual Emily talking to their bosses I feel gratitude, because now the message that has been carved in my soul is reaching new people.


Seeing our clients thrive at their jobs while their company keeps growing is truly a rewarding experience.



My Virtual Emily squad is spreading love and making every single life they touch easier and happier through the Virtual CEO Life experience.  




Daniella Meneses

Virtual Emily



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