How to Slay Your Dragons and Manage Your Monkeys

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Lets face it, you're busy. Up at the crack of dawn, working 28 hours a day, 9 days a week, yet you're falling behind. Why is that so?


You've Got Monkeys on Your Back


While you slept, without you even trying, another Monkey crawled into bed with you. You can't see him, but he is there. E-Mail Inbox full. You can thank the Monkey for that. Calendar scheduled back-to-back. It's that Monkey again. That analysis you're boss wanted done yesterday, but that's not even started yet. It's the Monkey.  The list goes on but the one thing that never changes is that if you let them, people will keep giving you their monkeys to manage. Monkey On Your Back.pngIs This Your Monkey? You Don't Have to Accept It!


Here Be Dragons


It's not just Monkey's on your back, it's also Dragons. Yes, you're the mighty DragonSaint George – The Dragon SlayerSlayer. But what's a Dragon in your world? Prospects who won't commit. Vendors who fail to deliver. Products that didn't do what they promised. Events you're in charge of planning and delivering. Leads you need to uncover. Yes, the Dragon's are many, but you are few. Call the Cavalry What you need is a place to park those Monkeys and someone to help you Slay those Dragons. They used to be called Secretary's. I had one who I trusted utterly. It took a while for us to get there, but eventually, I knew if she said "boss, just sign where I placed the stickers", I could and did. As a senior executive, I had limited time and I needed my assistant to make sure every minute was productive. If I had to give a presentation, I needed to spend my time rehearsing my delivery and honing my message, not preparing charts and doing data retrieval. 


Today, a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Slay Your Dragons and Get Those Monkey's Off Of Your Back.


In today's budget constrained environment, few people have the luxury of having an assistant, let alone one they can trust to get the job done. That's why you need a Virtual Assistant. Your VA can: 


  • Help you get your time back. When you wake up, you have exactly 1440 minutes you can use that day. Once gone, they can never be recovered. By off-loading tasks that you shouldn't be doing, you can get far more out of those minutes, or conversely, do far less while someone else does it for you.

  • Run Interference For You. Phone ring all day long? Need someone to screen those calls? Do you even need to be on the calls? You want to be accessible but not overly accessible.

  • Be a Sounding Board For Your Ideas. Sometimes, you have an idea but you need someone to run it by. It's great if you have a trusted colleague handy with the time to listen. But sometimes, you don't, and you need to 'bounce the idea around a bit'. Your VA can be surprisingly helpful in this area.

  • Make Traveling a Little Less Stressful. If you're like me, you travel, a lot. It is fraught with discomfort and 'life's little events'. Ever lose your luggage? Used to be less of a problem; you could stuff a lot in an overhead bin. Then came economy class, a charge for each bag, and ever smaller spaces in the overhead. So the strategy of carry more than you needed or staging your clothes around the world in various hotels went down the tubes. Next up, carry it in your carryon luggage. But that means wrinkles and limited choice. So have your VA arrange shipment of your stuff to wherever you're going to be. But here be Dragon's. They lurk on the flight line and eat luggage, but only yours and only every fifth trip. You're going to need to get some clothes made on the road. Thailand is a long ways, but they got your measurements, so order some, and have them shipped for a fitting - (been there, done that). Put on a pound or two, got to get them adjusted. Better find the local tailor or have them shipped back. You don't have time for this, but Virtual Emily does. And she will tell you how sharp you look.

  • Call Your Prospects. Work in Real Estate? Spend a lot of time meeting up with people who don't show? Virtual Emily can call them and remind them. If they're not going to show, you know and can reschedule for the next one. There's only so many hours in a day and your Dragon's, in the form of No-Shows, can eat up all your valuable time without anything to show for it. Work in complex sales? Ever fly half-way across the planet for a meeting, only to be stood up by the client? There goes a week. You know why they did it? You didn't confirm, they had other priorities, etc., etc., Virtually Emily would have called them several times before, during and after the appointment for you. They wouldn't feel like they could let that Dragon loose on you.

  • Make Your Events Rock! Nothing beats face-to-face. In fact, it is estimated that over 80% of all that is communicated between 2 people is done non-verbally. That means if you're in business, you will need to attend events with your prospects and clients. They won't just be there to listen to what you say, they will be there to see how you say it, where you say it and how it makes them feel. Virtual Emily knows just how to help you make that happen.

Don't Feed the Monkeys


What's the take-away on all this? You need to take positive action to both get the Monkey off your back and slay the Dragons. Virtual Emily has got your back. Why not try her out with our FREE trial. 


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