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How Much Is a Business Lead Worth?

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As a busy business owner, you have a lot on your plate. One of the most important items on your 'to do' list is undoubtably generating new business leads. You can and probably do use a variety of tactics to generate business leads.

Business Leads Cost Money to Generate

How much do they cost to generate? According to research from Hubspot's research department, there is quite a range of cost per business lead, depending on your industry.

Cost Per Lead by Industry Benchmarks


Cost Per lead.png


That is wide cost range for business leads. If you're trying to build a business and hit specific sales targets, you're going to want to not only know the cost per business lead as well as how many leads it is going to take you to hit those sales targets. To do that, you're going to need to know how many customers you need based on your average order value.

Do You Know How Many Visitors You Will Need?

No need to guess, as there are benchmarks available that tell you how many website visitors,leads, MQLs or Marketing Qualified Leads, Sales Opportunities and Customers you need.



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Imagse courtesy of Hubspot Research


Do The Math


Lets say you're in Financial Services and you need to generate 1000 new leads a month to generate 300 customers.  Just doing the multiplication, you know you're going to spend $1000*$100=$100,000 per month to generate enough leads to hit your sales targets.  Sounds like a big number but that is what it takes.


Sources of Leads


These visits don't necessarily have to be constrained to website visits.  You may have many other sources of company visitors, such as trade shows, networking events and other forms of advertising. Regardless of source, there is a some ratio of visits to customers present in your business and you need to 'feed the beast', aka, your sales funnel, with a never ending supply of new business leads.


One possibility to help you keep your funnel full is to combine the tools and techniques of the web with the intelligence of humans to help you generate those leads.   That is why we are offering to generate 10 business leads for you for FREE, which, depending on your industry, is up to a $1000 value based on the benchmarks provided by Hubspot.



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