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How I Transformed My Life And Business With Outsourcing Of Virtual Assistants




People nowadays ask me where I live; and that’s a hard question for me to answer: Miami, New York, Bogota, and Montevideo; truth is I live in my heart.

A friend once told me I was a gipsy at heart, a nomad. She might be right: I like to consider myself a citizen of the world. 


I often thought being a citizen of the world meant traveling and having amazing experiences in multiple cultures and experiencing the world in its many forms. I have been very fortunate to travel my share.


Recently, I saw this TED Talk video from humanitarian Hugh Evans: "A citizen of the world self identifies not as a member of the state, tribe or nation, but as a member of the human race, someone who is prepared to tackle that belief and those who challenge it. They exist among every country and every demographic, the world's future depends of global citizens."


Powerful words.


My business is outsourcing of virtual assistants and it allows me to travel around the world and live wherever I want, whenever I want, with ease.  I call this the Virtual CEO Experience, I literally run my entire company from my smart phone. 



Who is the Virtual CEO?

The Virtual CEO experience is the ultimate mobility experience. “I literally run my entire company from my smart phone.”

I work and live in the Cloud; through the power of Virtual Assistants and automatizations you can transform your life and business.


Where is the Virtual CEO?

The Virtual CEO is everywhere; an experience for true citizens of the world. His company and Virtual Team is totally mobile and in the cloud with him at all times through his smart phone.


I depend on my team wherever I go, whenever I need. As I build my empire, I focus on what I love about it, which is selling and connecting entrepreneurs with virtual assistants, while having free time for my passions like getting fit, meditating, social entrepreneurship and making new friends and relationships along the way.


To me, it is clear that “The world has changed, and those of us who look beyond our borders are on the right side of history.”


In any business: You need to invest in people to be successful.


In today’s global markets, Outsourcing is a necessity and a scenario where everybody wins and where you play the long game, where partnerships are defined by trust, quality, and growth of all parties involved, together as one.


With Internet and communication advancements, the world is smaller by the day. In Vantech, we share a common interest with our clients; we are all dependent on each other together as one to succeed. Their success is our success. 



At this very moment…


    • My team of 3 Researchers is making sure our databases are ready for email campaigns and lead generation campaigns based on our sales niche.


    • My Appointment Setter is getting real-time leads and interactions with inbound and outbound prospects with VirtualLeadGen; he is selling and pushing our services by himself while I sit here writing this post on an airplane.


  • Emily bought my ticket, paid for my hotel and is making sure my agenda is up to date, while running my digital persona in social media and proofreading my blogs.


Isn’t it great?  My original Emily nicknamed me the Virtual CEO.  Looks like it sticked.


You can get a whole team of professionals like mine for less than 80,000 USD with free project management.


Our results speak for themselves and the best part is you will have a team of committed, enthusiastic assistants that will live and die for you. I’m not going to lie: You have to invest in people to grow, and it has taken me a lot of training and the selection of the right personnel to get to this point, but isn’t it what this is all about? Making it happen?


Didn’t we become entrepreneurs to create a better quality of life? To become owners of our time and concentrate on doing what we love? To become Masterful Creators of our universe.


I found out a long time ago that success does not mean making money and having social status. If you don’t have time and health to spend it and enjoy it, it is worthless.


What is the point? 3 years ago, I burned out as a former VP of Sales of a Miami multinational.  


Life was all about work, money and what I believed “success” was.


Fat, sick and depressed I realized there was more to life than making money and being “successful” and that is how I started to get into meditation and yoga; it changed my life forever.


Don’t get me wrong, I am a hard worker and know more than anybody the value of grinding and hustling, no pain no gain: You work and then play.


I have reached a point in which I want to live a balanced life, whereby I have time to take care of myself and the people I am responsible for, in a happy and fulfilling way.


I personally define fulfillment as being happy with my life and what I do, feeling good about the human being and entrepreneur I strive to become.  


Nowadays, I am a firm believer that if you are not loving what you do, the life you are creating and where you are, you should change it. NOW.


You only get one shot at life. Life is good.


Be happy, and greeting from Canelones, Uruguay,





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