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How do Virtual Agents work?




As Virtual CEOs, entrepreneurs of the world and high performers we often tend to hire other people such as Virtual Agents and Virtual Assistants to help us organize our work. It is essential for us to do so in order to become as productive as possible. Most times these Virtual Agents are in a different country and a different time zone, but they are such an important part of our team that it is almost as if they were ubiquitous. They seem to anticipate our every need, they understand what we do and why it matters to us, and they connect with our company emotionally. Have you ever wondered… how do they actually do their work? How do they care and perform so well for a company without actually being there?


As a Virtual Agent myself I want to embark on this journey, and try to explain to our readers what actually goes on in your head once you start working for a company without actually being there. At first, it seems a little odd to be connected all the time with people all over the world who need your specific skillset and want you to be part of their team. After a couple of days you manage to be on all platforms the company uses and you understand the culture of the institution, it is here when things get interesting.


Once you become part of a powerful team, as a worker with companies that thrive to create a better world for their clients you develop a consciousness about the work you do. Many times we seem to ignore the value of our work, but once you get to be part of a place with a purpose, with individuals who understand the world differently and want to be part of the change you start to transform as well.


The first thing I noticed that made me realize I was part of something bigger than I thought was the fact that I started thinking in a different time zone. It’s a small detail, but it is here, when you find yourself thinking in NYC time zone you realize your life is changing. You move your lunch time to match the one of your company (even if it is in a different country) and even your work hours switch from the 8 to 5 standard to the ones the startup uses.


After that, when you notice your work and the value it has you become more and more engaged with the company itself. You begin to understand that the fact that you are not actually present makes your work your actual evidence of your character. And so deadlines actually become very important, you understand that others depend on your ability to deliver what you are supposed to deliver right on time and without any issues. Likewise, you understand how other’s attitudes and work habits towards the company directly affect you, and when the whole team, including yourself finally synchronizes and works in unison it is one of the most enjoyable work experiences you might have.


It is fantastic to be your own boss, to actually manage your time without having someone looking over your shoulder constantly while you become a successful team member. Being independent and yet being part of a community with purpose is pretty much what any individual wants. So, as a Virtual Agent and Virtual Assistant you understand that you are the one who needs to push yourself beyond your limits, because your client is not just a person at the other end, it is an opportunity to do things differently, to be your own boss, and find success both as an individual and as a team member.


That’s how we do things as Virtual Agents; the secret to appear to be ubiquitous is to actually care. Of course nobody can be ever present, or anticipate other’s thoughts. The secret is really quite simple, if you love what you do and care about the place you are part of your work is more than a job, it is purpose, it is passion, it is transcendence.



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