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Fulfill Your Tasks In Half The Time, Try Virtual Emily


When you are an entrepreneur you have to deal with many tasks and deadlines at the same time. Sometimes the workload is so heavy that leaves time for nothing, not even to rest.


In this blog post I’ll tell how I was able to fulfill tasks in half the time with the help of Virtual Emily, Vantech's smart virtual assistant.


Before I start, I’d like to add a bit of context and tell you something about myself. I am a Journalist and a Digital Marketing Specialist, I work as a content consultant for several companies around the world and I’m also an entrepreneur, taking the very first steps to create my own company.


As you can imagine, there are many tasks that I have to fulfill and the administration of my time is key to my productivity day by day. My daily life is divided into several tasks: meetings with clients, content writing, paperwork, creation of digital strategies, analysis of customer strategies data. All of this without taking into account my personal life.


With so many things to do, so many deadlines and so little time, I decided to try the experience with virtual Emily to know if it's really true that having a virtual assistant could help me fulfill my tasks in half the time.


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From the first moment the communication with Emily was impeccable: she contacted me immediately and asked me how she could help me. I already had a few tasks to delegate, including the creation of a digital strategy for a client who owns several restaurants in the Philippines.


I needed this task to be completed very quickly because my client was in a hurry and needed the job done in less than 48 hours. I thought this task was perfect to really know if Emily was able to work fast and under pressure.


I also asked my virtual assistant to get me some digital marketing and advertising reference budgets in Latin American countries.


From the beginning, the experience with Emily was great, I felt that we were a team from the first contact. In addition, being able to delegate some of my tasks gave me the assurance that the work would be done in a much more effective way.


During the time we worked together we kept a flowing communication, Emily contacted me to ask me the most relevant questions about the tasks entrusted, but also had her own autonomy to investigate things on her own.


In a very short time and even before the deadline, Emily completed the first task. Without a doubt, the work was remarkable: the digital strategy for my client in the Philippines was complete, had research, a good introduction and data that justified the recommended actions.


I was pleasantly surprised by Emily's performance with the first task entrusted, which had almost no corrections on my part.


The next day my virtual assistant had completed the second task, and once again I was surprised by the proactivity she demonstrated, she even added data of interest that I had not requested but served me a lot.


The time I had Emily working by my side was more than rewarding, since I not only fulfilled all the tasks in half the time, but also I was able to release my agenda and have space for activities that had long been pending.


I understood that actually having a virtual assistant at this point in my life is almost indispensable. The experience convinced me to hire Emily half time, we became a team.


Having a virtual assistant got a heavy backpack full of rocks out of my back and made my time management much more effective, and for that I will always be grateful.


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