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Forget about bad sales




Being a sales rep is about being intuitive, listening to your clients and adopting your products to fit your client’s needs. It sounds straight-forward but for some reason in most startups closing a sale seems to be the one thing that actually slows down the possibility for the company to grow. There are great resources online in terms of proper sales like this one written by Sujith from Inside Sales box, but here we have a different approach you might find interesting.


In this guide we will give you some tips that will allow you to become a more successful sales rep, without wasting your time cold calling uninterested leads that will simply hang up on you.


  • Talk to the Decision Maker:

It might be tempting to reach out the first person you get in touch with and try to sell them your product or service. However, this is quite unproductive because even if they like what you have to offer they might not be in a position to make a decision.

Don’t waste your time talking with those who cannot make a choice for the organization. Instead, work a little harder identifying those who can and delight them with your products or services.


  • Be yourself:

Sometimes when we start working as a sales rep we tend to use the same techniques we used before, or we try very hard to follow the company’s philosophy we forget to be ourselves. Remember you are the one who is selling, you represent something but YOU are the one selling.

Focus on working your style, change what you need to change to close more sales but always be real, otherwise people might notice and they will not trust you nor those you represent.


  • Know your competition:

Remember your leads probably get 5 to 10 calls per week from people like yourself who are interested in selling their services or products. Research your competition and use it for your advantage. Even use this in your personal life, understand the competition and call your mobile company and ask for a discount using the competition’s offers. It works!


  • Don’t push it:

Sales rep tend to be a little pushy, after all their job is to overcome rejection and convincing people of buying something. However, if you are a great sales rep there will never be any need to be pushy because those you are getting in touch with need exactly what you have to offer.

It is ok for people not to be interested in what you have to offer. Don’t take it personally, perhaps they simply do not want what you have to offer at that specific moment in time, call them later but be intuitive and figure out if there is interest or if there is no interest at all.

Trust your gut, if you think the person you just reached out to actually needs what you have to offer but it’s playing hard to get keep it up. But also learn to stop pushing when the interest isn’t there.


  • Be a life sales rep.:

Remember as a person who sells things you are actually selling your lifestyle, the way you dress, the words you say and the brands you support. Don’t show up to close a sale in company a wearing a sweater from its competition. Don’t be late, make sure your shoes are polished and if there is a need for it, wear a tie. We probably all despise ties nowadays, but remember sales is very much an act, it is theater, and you need to be the superstar.



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