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Find free and effective business leads easily




Do you want strong free business leads? Are you searching non-stop and still haven’t been able to find anything that’s generating sales? Today, I want to share with you effective steps to follow so that your company can find the business leads it needs and can successfully start the sales process.


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At Virtual Emily, we want to make your life easier, so we want to tell you exactly how to look for them inspired by Emjae Johnson’s tips on how to easily find free sales leads online, so that you can find exactly what you need.


Where does my targeted audience belong? That’s the first question that you’ve got to answer. We recommend making a list and writing down at least 5 different possibilities. Once you can pinpoint exactly where they are, you can search for that industry or business’ association member business directory. If you’re looking for something location specific, do add the name of the place to your search.


You know how search engines work: you’ll have a pretty big list of sites. Choose those where you can find their directory, because that’s where you’ll find your business leads. Sort the data in whatever way is easier for you and select those contacts that are more relevant for what you’re looking for. Some industries have much more information, others, will just have basic details. Know that, at least, with the name and email you can do a lot. You can even head over to Social Media and check out their profiles. Create a list where you can organize all of your findings for whenever it comes in handy.


If you’re more into the direct and continuous connection, create solid Social Media profiles to build your community and gain credibility. You’ve got Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. The possibilities are just infinite.


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We know well that finding the right free business leads is crucial for your company to thrive. It is a task that might not be that complicated, although it does require lots of time and dedication. Make your life easier. Let your Virtual Emily take care of all of it. Book your free trial now and find out more.


Find out what are the top 3 questions you should ask yourself to make sure that your database is running smoothly as the perfect place for all of your leads.


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