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Emily, the executive assistant that went virtual

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Truth be told, when you are working on growing a business you want to reduce costs everywhere. Your operations may be your best or worst friend depending if you’re saving or burning out money.


This is why if you’re scaling up you have to work smart, and by smart, I mean stop wasting capital on unnecessary resources.


You will need help, don’t think that if you want to save money then you will have to fire everyone on your team and work on everything yourself. That will only slow you down and set you back a lot. Focus on creating a team that’s there for you but can help you reduce costs by not having to be physically present. This will help you save money by not having to rent an office space or even buy equipment and supplies. 


This is where Virtual Emily steps in. The perfect virtual assistant at your service.


Every entrepreneur needs that support that makes him feel taken care of. The role of the executive assistant that goes beyond what’s expected of her to make her boss’s life easier, can be done in a virtual manner so you can take care of your pocket.


These responsibilities include a combination of administrative and managerial functions created to make everyone’s life at the company easier and better.


Find below some of the most common tasks performed by an executive assistant:


  1. Calendar Management: They are often in charge of the scheduling, set up and confirmation of her boss’s appointments.
  2. Oversee other employees: Since they are the CEO’s right hand, they are most of the time making sure that other employees are performing correctly and will make sure to report daily events to the manager.
  3. Information Management: They help keep the communication in the leadership team flowing in a transparent and efficient way.
  4. Preparation of information: They take care of information and make sure to format it for internal and external distribution. This could be done through emails, memos, reports, presentations and transcriptions, just to mention some.
  5. Data entry and analysis: It is imperative that this person has great attention to detail so they can input data correctly and can analyze it at the same time. With this, they can make sure to inform their superior of important information.


It can be tough to run a company, especially if you are so caught up with work that you can’t see the answer to your problems right in front of you.

Go virtual, take your company to the next level and reduce pointless spending.


Take a FREE trial, watch how we can make it all better.


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