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Data Emily: Information is Power




Research. Lead Gen. Everything revolves around data. The digital revolution is what is ruling the world, and is at its core. I’m Data Emily and I’m here to share with you why information is power.


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We are constantly being bombarded by information. Different sources say different things. Info that’s not always up to date. We can access data in an instant, with just a click. Maybe there’s something relevant for your business in Kuala Lumpur. Maybe what you offer already exists in Santiago. Maybe there’s someone wanting to collaborate in Barcelona. Maybe your main focus should be local.


How are you going to know this without research? Without a database? Without a Virtual Lead Generator? How can you make sure that the information that you find is accurate? How can you know whom to contact? Now, you don’t have to worry about any of those things. I’m here. And I can help you out.


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Those things that many dread, I love. I am an information geek and I’m always on the look for relevant and interesting data. I love working on databases, so I can create yours from scratch. I am focused on your needs. I do lead generation that is specifically tailored for you and your business. I create warm leads and every single one of them is verified. I personally check that everything is functional. I confirm emails and phone numbers. I am an expert with computers and multitasking tools, and I can also work on your data entry so you don’t have to. I can proudly say that I have a great capacity to manage hard work, all while providing excelling data.


Perhaps, the most important question that you can ask yourself at this point is, do I already have a database? If not, what are you waiting for? If you do, then you can ask yourself these questions to know if I’m the Virtual Emily that you need:


1. Is it updated?

Information constantly changes. It is crucial to have contacts up to date, with their emails, phone numbers, etc.


2. Is it organized?

It has to have some sort of order, to make sure that time is always optimized and that it’s easy for you to find the data that you’re looking for.


3. Is it productive?

Have you gotten any results from it? Are you actually contacting people? Has the data translated into sales?


I am sure that those questions have been enlightening and can give you an overview of the specifics needs that you might have at the moment with your business’ data. If you have reliable information, you have the power. You can connect, expand, share, all in the benefit of your company.


In 4 hours, I can already show you how I’m extremely efficient and reliable when doing data entry and I can also gift you with 10 free business leads. Are you ready to give it a try? There’s nothing to lose, on the contrary, there’s so much saved time. It’s also free and so you know how are things going for you, you can download now the 3 questions to know if your lead generation works.


Here’s also a helping guide to know if your lead generation works.


 Download 3 Questions to know if your Lead Generation works