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7 Signs That Tell You It's Time to Hire a Virtual Assistant




1. Are you working as hard as ever, but feel like you’re not getting anything done?

If you see anything you can outsource, do it. It is always good to outsource your weaknesses; the volume work. Your core business, what people are hiring you for, is what you should be focusing on. Usual outsource able work is between 40 and 50 percent of your workload. It’s ok to ask for help.

2. Are you having trouble keeping track of meetings, deadlines and work details?

You can try technological solutions like setting alarms, Google calendar or using task-maker programs. However, it kind of defeats the purpose if you are already too busy to make those apps work in the beginning.

But those usually don’t work do they, why? The answer is simple, because you need a real-time assistant on top of you. You need an actual human being who cares reminding you what you have to do every day (like a celebrity)
You can’t afford to lose meetings.
No meetings, no business.

3. Are you avoiding necessary tasks?

I know I do. I constantly procrastinate on sending out emails or follow up calls, posting on social media or updating my QuickBooks just because I hate dealing with them? Um, that’s a problem.
Hand it over. Just make sure you don’t detach completely, because it’s still your business, and you need to know what’s going on. We can take care of the rest.

4. Are you hopeless at certain (necessary) parts of your business?

If you know you’re bad at something, outsource it as soon as you can afford to.
Just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean you can avoid it.

5. Are you having trouble understanding Social Media?

Personally, I still don’t understand hash tags or twitter followers, but we got our first client last week from Social Media strategies. So it is kind of important.
Or maybe you know the basics, but most likely you are just wearing every hat in your business and while you’ve done “okay” until now, it’s time to take marketing to the next level, a more current level with today’s digital revolution.

You can find yourself a VA that has a background in marketing and social media and pay a flat fee to have them handle all of your social media or other marketing needs. This magical fairy just gave you back 10 hours of your work day every week!

6. Are you having trouble with cash flow but still need the help? You can’t afford an “inside employee”.

Inside employees come with a lot of “extras” and are hard to afford when you begin your startup.
You have to have the office space for an extra person, computers, time to train, patience, desk, and at the end they might leave and you have to do it all over again.
But if you decide to outsource, everything extra goes away. You are now dealing with a company.
Just make sure you are dealing with a serious provider that works to your standards, be able to provide you with optimum talent and project management. and if you need to, start slow, with a 3 month minimum contract.

7. Are you having trouble with your personal life? You keep missing important family and friend stuff.

It’s hard to be perfect at everything.
Let’s say, you’re amazing at business stuff and work is moving along nicely and you’re making a good amount of money: you’re a success!

But you didn’t have time to go to your best friend wedding or forgot your own wedding anniversary (again, whoops!).

Need your personal calendar updated with every important event in your life, or an appointment for your dog to go to the vet made, or a Christmas present bought and sent to your sister in California, and a reminder of that trip you have been pushing? How about someone that changes all those plane flights when you miss them?

You can hire a virtual assistant to do all of this for you!
Someone who cares about everything you do, and is a good at everything you procrastinate. Imagine having 40% of you time freed by a Virtual Assistant?


Would that add value to your life? Someone who anticipates your needs and wants before you even realize them.





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