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5 Best Kept Secrets of Lead Generators


This is not a secret: attracting leads is essential to generate sales. The success of any business depends on a robust sales pipeline. However, what seems to be a secret to many is how to achieve this goals.


Many companies outsource their lead generation processes to professionals that know how to get this done effectively. Related: 5 Ways in which Virtual Lead Generation VA Can Improve Your Sales Results  In this blog post we’ll tell you what the 5 best kept secrets of a lead generator expert.


  1. Don’t miss the obvious

You might be wondering, what's the obvious? Well, sometimes the marketing team can get carried away with creativity and design, losing sight of what is really essential. Related: Are Your Lead Generation Goals SMART?Starting with website optimization is always a good way to catch leads. What lead generators experts do is to facilitate the exploration of new solutions on the website and add several call-to-action buttons, landing pages and forms.


  1. Promote Webinars

Something we can’t deny is that video marketing is the star nowadays. Many lead generators offer their clients the possibility to develop a series of free videos to teach the target audience something new. The first approach is to record the videos on whatever topic you choose. Then, published them on a separate domain, blog section and social media. After a series of videos, give your clients the opportunity to download a pdf or full course on the subject you’re teaching. In this way your potential customers will be pleased to give you their email and contact info.Expert lead generators know how to drive traffic to the video series. They usually do it by linking the videos to the menu of the blog section of your website or by running some low-cost ads to get social traffic.


  1. Don’t sell

This is one of the most fundamental aspects when capturing leads. Direct selling is not comfortable for anyone, we recommend not to approach your prospects with a direct offer at the first opportunity. Leads generators try to turn the brand into a referent of the industry. Helping your audience to better understand their needs, problems and ways to solve it is one of the best ways to attract leads, buyers and promoters of your brand.To attract leads as experts do, start sharing original and educational content with potential clients, tell them something they don’t already know, position your brand and your sales team as subject matter experts.


  1. Plan and execute

In order to effectively capture leads, it’s necessary to follow an action plan that includes strategies to engage with your target audience.Focus not only on the decision maker, but on those who are under but influence the ultimate decision. Lead generators experts plan for the large deal opportunities but don’t neglect smaller opportunities.


  1. Contest Leads

Give away things to your target audience. To make it more fun you can create some type of contest, for example: Ask your audience to share a picture of the contest and prize on their Facebook wall. At the end of the week, some kind of gift is raffled among those who shared the image. This simple action will increase your traffic and bring you new leads. One the contest is over announce who won. You can be sure that the next time you run a new contest, you will get at least twice as much engagement.If you are not generating enough leads for your business, it is time to think about new strategies. Lead generation is almost an art. But now that you know the 5 secrets of lead generators experts, you can share them with your team. Good things like these are worth sharing, besides, everyone likes to hear a new secret one in a while. 


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