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How to rock your LeadGen Campaign in 6 easy steps




Finding new leads is the number one challenge for any entrepreneur. At first we start contacting our friends and family, those who we know from our circles that might need the product or service we have to offer. But what can we really do to find good leads that will likely buy our products without having to focus 100% on that?


There are plenty of resources you can look at simply typing a related search on Google like this one we found by Jomer Gregorio and it explains some great tips of LeadGen in depth. However, we want to focus on other things that are essential and not as popular or talked about by marketeers out there.

  1. Be lean: As an entrepreneur you really have to focus on providing a product that fits within the market and is attractive to people. It is really quite simple. However, we tend to focus so much on trying to continue developing the product that “we” as entrepreneurs have in mind and we stop listening to what people actually want. Be lean, allow yourself to change your product or service and really find what people want and are willing to pay for – then find leads (potential customers) and build the product together with them.

  2. Be relevant: Nobody wants to work, buy or be part of an organization that is out of date, generic or irrelevant. The reason you might not have profitable lead gen campaign might not be technical, it might be that whatever it is you are creating is just not interesting enough. Work on being relevant and keep it that way.  

  3. Document your work, generate traffic: find out what your buyer persona (leads) wants to read or see online and create content that is interesting for them. Many companies fall in the content production machine logic without any purpose and some other with lots of purpose fail to create any content. Find your sweet spot and create content your clients want to look at. Also figure out your SEM, PPC, SEO, etc (there are plenty of resources online that will teach you how to do that if you are not quite sure how to do it, just google it)

  4. Test, test again: This one is related to the first strategy we listed here. Basically, by testing you are going to figure out quickly the things you don’t know about your end customer in order to build what they really want to buy. Test quickly, figure out the channels you are going to use for this (FB, Google, etc.) and do it fast. The speed at which you test will determine your chances of growth, push yourself!

  5. Understand what you test: Sure, testing is important but try to look at the information you receive on several layers. If something pops up and stands out write it down but keep on looking. Don’t let evident stuff cover up other insights that are important for your business.

  6. Talk to your clients: When was the last time you talked to someone who already bought your product or service? If the answer is anything other than this week you are doing it wrong. Figure out what they want by asking them, it sounds incredibly evident but it is surprising how many entrepreneurs think they succeeded after closing sales. Listen to what your customers have to say, find out what they want, what they like and dislike and use it to find better leads.

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