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5 signs you might not want to become an entrepreneur

It is trendy to own your own business and become a successful global citizen who travels the world and pushes his or her company forward. We see it all around us, in the movies, in the series we watch, the books we read, and the people we now see as heroes. Everyone knows who Steve Jobs is, and now Musk is the most popular individual for those who seek to become entrepreneurs. But, are you really interested in becoming an entrepreneur? Or are you in love with the successful lifestyle entrepreneurs appear to have?


To help you navigate these questions we have created a list of 5 signs that might help you understand what entrepreneurship is actually like. The habits and the hard work that has to be done in order to truly become successful. 


  • Entrepreneurship is for people who like to work: nobody likes this fact, many people actually believe having ownership of your time actually means you will get to have more free time, but it is actually the other way around. Unless you have lots of funding you are going to do most things in your company, and even if you are very efficient you might still need to run some errands on Saturdays, and finish your accounting on Sundays.


  • Entrepreneurship is a path full of failures: There are many examples of people who started their own company and became successful overnight. However, and if you ask any of your successful entrepreneur friends, they will almost always tell you the same. Being a successful entrepreneur is hard work, and you have to fail a dozen times before you figure out what your product market fit actually is.


  • Entrepreneurship is for the determined: Did you have a job where you had to do things you didn’t enjoy doing? Or perhaps a boss who pushed you to do what seemed to be menial tasks? Well, becoming an entrepreneur is about being focused, and being a focused leader means you are going to have to make hard choices. You might have to push people more than you want to, starting with yourself, and you might have to let go of some of your employees even if they are the nicest individuals you know.


  • Entrepreneurship is not about the money: Most successful entrepreneurs did not become entrepreneurs seeking wealth. In fact, it is almost always the other way around, they see a problem, they create a solution and if it works people will invest on it. If you want to be independent and start your own thing to have more money you might be disappointed to learn that you will be broke 80% of the time for at least a couple of years. It is not impossible, you can learn to budget and live on noodles for months, and it will all be worth it, not because of the money but because you had an impact in the world.


  • Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, not a choice: The hard truth is that most entrepreneurs who are successful are those who have always been entrepreneurs. It is not something you decide to do all of a sudden, it is a way of understanding the world as an opportunity playground, and creating solutions for those around you. It can start with something simple like selling a lemonade on a summer afternoon or with something as complex as creating Space X

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