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5 Questions To Find Out If You’re Ready To Hire Virtual Emily

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Virtual Emily can literally change your life. More time to do what matters most to you, make your business more profitable and obtain better sales. Sounds promising, right? How do YOU know if you are ready to have me by your side?


Ask yourself and answer these questions, and I’ll help you figure it out.


1. How much help do I actually need?

Take into consideration all aspects of your business. Go beyond being overly busy and assess what areas do you really need the extra support in. Are you doing it all by yourself? Are there parts that you don’t enjoy or that you don’t consider yourself particularly good at?


2. Am I ready to delegate?

Letting go of control and of the need to do everything is not easy for most entrepreneurs. Having a Virtual Assistant means, allowing someone else to come in and take a great part of responsibility. You also need the time to train and the courage to admit that you can’t do it all.


3. What would be our communication channel?

Communication is key. It has to be fluent and ongoing. You have to make sure that you have enough time and disposition to express what your needs (and those of your business) are. Effective technology should also be in order, as it greatly facilitates communication.


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4. What are the main traits that my Virtual Emily should have?

Do you need someone that rocks Social Media? Are you looking for a travel planner? Do you need a powerful lead generator? All businesses are different and so are Virtual Assistants. It is essential that you know yourself well, so that you can clearly see what kind of person you need. Maybe you are an introvert and need an extrovert to deal with customer service. Maybe you have great ideas, but need someone to help you execute them. The combinations are infinite. Identify what are the main needs that you have and that way you can enlist the main characteristics that the person that will work with you must have.


5. Will hiring Virtual Emily increase my revenue?

Sujan Patel explains it better: “A virtual assistant is an employee, and that means labor overhead. When you look at the tasks you have on your plate that could be delegated, ask what kind of a return would come from delegating those tasks. Would delegation of certain responsibilities lend to an increase in revenue and growth?”.


You have to know that when you are focusing on what you are really good at, productivity increases. Leaving room for Virtual Emily to come in and take care of those lines of work that might be tedious or difficult for you is already a good way to optimize time and the resources that you have.

Hiring Virtual Emily can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Allow yourself to be wowed and notice how much more time you will have and how your business will boost, when you start delegating and having the best Virtual Assistant that you could think of on your team.


If you’re ready for the next step, try out now four hours of my service for free.

For you to have a clearer look of all the benefits that you can receive by having me on your team, download now the top 10 tasks that a Virtual Assistant can do for you.


Download Top 10 Tasks That A Virtual Assistant Can Do For You