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30 Tasks Virtual Emily Can Do For You And Your Business

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You are not an island!


Teamwork is a must when building a meaningful business, but what to do if you don’t have gobs of cash to throw around and hire employees?

What if you don’t have time to interview people?


Let’s say you need someone to help you set up appointments or just remind you of them?

Or someone to help you keep your CRM or data base updated, while you are away on vacation?

Maybe some help with the mighty social media?


You can find that and way more in a virtual assistant and never look back.


As a Virtual assistant myself I decided to list 30 tasks Virtual Assistants can do that will make your business and life better. And if by the end of this post I haven’t fully convinced you that you must run out and hire a virtual assistant today – well then tell me I ought to be ashamed of myself!



Virtual Assistants can…


1. Keep your agenda and calendar updated, and daily remind you of what meetings or appointments you have. 

2. Do data entry (thank goodness… because you know you don’t want to be doing that!). 

3. Send out emails that say “Hi, this is {insert your name here}’s assistant” which always impresses friends, clients and family. 

4. Manage all your company social media accounts (facebook, twitter, linkedin) and make you a rockstar. 

5. Book and change your flights or reservations (and deal with the customer service person and the 45 minute call for you) 

6. Prepare and send proposals to possible clients. 

7. Send documents, letters and contracts to you and your clients through Docusign, so you just have to use your cellphone to sign anything. 

8. Act as a recruiter or head hunter when you are looking to fill a position. 

9. Create content to help promote your web page or blog, and post it for you. 

10. Schedule your family events, and make sure you have a clear agenda to assist, and even buy a present online for them. 

11. Organize your email… Yes, all of it. 

12. Spend hours comparing and contrasting all the hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area (or anywhere) and present you with a categorized list of the top ten, their features and then book the one you want for you. 

13. Do letter preparation & mailing through a service like  

14. Deal with Quickbooks. 

15. Find you an apartment or house when you move cities. 

16. Edit your website, documents or important emails for proper grammar.  

17. Create newsletters.

18. Create flyers, infographics or any graphic piece you need.

19. Make your presentations “pretty” and branded for you.


20. Update your website.

21. Fulfill product orders (electronics products that is).

22. Prepare stunning powerpoint presentations.

23. Organize your ideas and thoughts, and create content with them.

24. Update address/contact lists, CRM

25. Do market research for a new product or business, or find out who your competitors are.

26. Follow up on business leads.

27. Send flowers to your wife, friend or any special person using

28. Make sure you don’t miss any meeting, phone call, or dinner, and contacting people in case you’re running late.

29. Tell you that it’ll get better when you’re having a terrible day.

30. Last but not least important, a VA will work, while you rest.


What can’t virtual assistants do?

They can’t grab you a cup of coffee (over-rated) or pick up your dry cleaning (do it yourself, lazy!).


Another great thing is that ANYTHING you can virtually imagine, a VA can do or learn to do in time.


Virtual assistants get to know you and your business and soon are anticipating your needs before it even comes to that point, this is the Virtual Assistant experience.


Do yourself a favor this year, start treating your life and your business like a priority and hire a Virtual Assistant to handle all the stuff you don’t want to or can’t do. It’ll save you a lot of time and free you up to become a much more creative and relaxed entrepreneur!  To show how confident we are of the benefits you'll receive from a Virtual Assitant, we are offering a FREE Trial!




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And if you need more reasons, Chris Ducker has more for you.