3 Essential Keys to Achieve Virtual CEO Success

There are many entrepreneurs who dream about success, but few who actually reach it. Why? Well, starting a business of your own requires a lot of effort, intelligence and above all perseverance. And this last quality is the one that will test the enthusiasm and love you have for your own project.


I would like to dedicate this post to all those entrepreneurs who dream of becoming successful Virtual CEOs, but instead of talking about the mechanics, I want to identify 3 essential keys to achieve it.


Thomas Edison said that there are 3 keys to achievement: "Hard work, common sense and stick-with-it-ness", and we couldn’t agree more.

When it comes to success, it all comes down to the way you face your daily life, the way you look at things and the way you face your problems. It is possible that the key lies in the psychology of life rather than in the mechanics of how to do things.


What I mean by this is that one can learn the mechanics of everything: to create a passive income, successful outsourcing, becoming mobile, to manage a remote team, but if you really want all that to work you’ll have to learn to change your perspective and work in a different way.


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I could talk for hours about success and the different ways to reach it, but instead I will talk about the 3 keys that I consider vital to achieve Virtual CEO success.


Common sense

Maybe you find yourself in the transition from office CEO to Virtual CEO, and to do this successfully you must know where you stand, know your business, the processes, what works and what doesn’t. Having all of this clear will help you make the transition as smooth as possible.


Use your common sense to know that becoming a successful Virtual CEO is something that takes time, don’t rush into it, be patient. Success is something you have to work and wait for, and if you are wise enough you will know that everything comes just in the right time.


Hard work

As you can imagine, hard work is crucial to success. But when I say hard work I don’t exclusively mean having to stay awake all night finishing a project, or having to work on the weekends from time to time.


To become a successful Virtual CEO you will need to work hard in all aspects of your life: work hard to get those contracts or projects you crave for, work hard to spend time with your family and friends, work hard to stay healthy physically and mentally, work hard to be disciplined, organized and effective. Make hard work a habit in your life.



Last but not least is perseverance. A simple quality, but that many entrepreneurs lack when facing the harsh reality.


If you want to become a successful Virtual CEO perseverance should not only be one of your most developed qualities, but also you will have to learn to cultivate it day by day.


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If you have a clear goal do not abandon it, if life tests you don’t throw the towel at the first problem. It's easy to give up and cast it into the "I tried but could not do it" pile but that will not bring you the virtual lifestyle success.


Especially stick with the idea of becoming the person you want to become. Do not ever let the outside world tell you that you can’t do it, know that limits exist only in your mind. Be bold, be brave, and make perseverance your trusted ally.


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